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In 2016 we're celebrating the 10th anniversary edition of the ICIS Asian Base Oils & Lubricants Conference. Over the past 10 years the conference has become a highlight and key meeting point in the Asian base oils and lubricants industry calendar. We look forward to welcoming back past delegates as well as new attendees to this special 10th anniversary event, which is set to be one of the best ever.

In an ever-increasingly globalised world, the conference focusses on the special challenges and characteristics of the Asia-Pacific market while also offering a global perspective.  

Each year we welcome over 200 attendees from over 50 countries to debate the latest industry developments and to benefit from the networking opportunities on offer. When you register you can network with other attendees and set up those all-important meetings. 

This year, there will be added value networking features to celebrate the 10th anniversary edition. These are alongside the thought leading content from expert speakers you have come to expect from an ICIS Base Oils event.

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Day 1: Wednesday 18 May


Opening remarks from the Moderators
Macroeconomic factors impacting Asian markets
  • Current and future direction of the global and Asian economies
  • Will low crude oil prices continue?
  • The impact of global and regional currency changes
  • The downturn in key commodities and impact on lubricants
Alaistair Chan, Associate Economist, MOODY’S ANALYTICS
The next 10 years: Future global lubricant trends and base oil evolution
  • The lubricant development we have seen
  • What trends will influence lubricants in the future?
  • Impact on base oil development
  • Will the next 10 years continue the global shift to Asia?
Rob Shama, President, AFTON CHEMICAL

The global and Asian base oil market overview
  • How will markets cope with global oversupply?
  • What happens to the excess Group II?
  • How is the downturn in China affecting Asian supply/demand balances?
  • Where is the push for Group II being seen in Asia?
  • Will Group II continue to displace Group I?
  • How will additional Group II production in China impact market balances?
Milind Phadke, Director, Energy, KLINE & CO
A picture of Group III Base Oil in China
  • A comprehensive review of the Group III market in China
  • Who are the main suppliers of Group III into China?
  • What is the status of Group III domestic production?
Kim Lu, Analyst, FEEDCO SA
The Group III / GTL Marketplace - Becoming More Differentiated
  • The low temperature viscometrics game
  • Comparison of regional and global Group III / III+ / GTL qualities
  • Outlook for additional supplies
Amy Claxton, CEO/Consultant, MY ENERGY

Advancements in bright stock refining technology
  • Group I decline and market need
  • Bright stock technology
  • Economics of viscosity
Tim Langlais, Marketing Manager, Specialty Base Oils, ERGON
The market for marine lubricants
  • How the marine lubricant sector is affected by global trends
  • How is it adapting to declining sources of brightstock?
  • What is the drive to fuel economy in the sector?
  • What are the technical developments in marine lubricants?
Caroline Huot, Managing Director, UNIMARINE PTE LTD

A Middle East update: Iran after sanctions and new base oil production in the GCC region
  • 1 Iran:

    • What will be the impact of the opening up of base oil markets in Iran, and how will Asia be affected?
    • Which markets will benefit or be adversely impacted?
    • Will opportunities open up in Iran?


    2: Middle East production

    • What is on the horizon?
    • In an era of over-supply, how will this production affect global and Asian balances?
    • More brightstock production from the Middle East – how much will this ease the supply situation?
    • Will the product find a home in Asia?
Mehrdad Vajedi, Director, PERMIAN ENERGY
A Recent History of Base Oils in Australia – an Independent View
  • The ever changing supply landscape
  • The factors leading to the development of re-refining  in Australia
  • In an era of low crude oil prices, can Australia re-refined oils extend into other markets in Asia?
  • The future of base oil supply in Australia
Tony Lawton, Manager Asia and General Development, PENRITE OIL COMPANY

Day 2: Thursday 19 May

Opening remarks from the Moderators
The changing market landscape in Japan
  • Changes in this mature market after recent M & A developments
  • A comprehensive supply/demand market overview
  • What is the real situation in Japan?
Yukihiko Adachi, Managing Director, KLINE JAPAN
Automotive Technology Trends and Lubricants Trends - A perspective from a Japanese automotive OEM
  • Automotive technology trends to meet the latest emission and fuel economy regulations
  • An examination of conventional and hybrid vehicles
  • Requirements for lubricants specification and technology from the automotive manufacturer's viewpoint
Kazuo Yamamori, Material Development Division, TOYOTA MOTOR CORPORATION
Lubricant trends in Asia: the increasing importance of low-viscosity lubricants and their impact on base oils
  • Improved fuel economy (FE) of vehicles to meet global targets of reduced carbon dioxide emissions is one of the key drivers in the automotive industry today.
  • This has led to the proliferation of low-viscosity lubricants and base oils, one of the key lubricant trends in Asia.
  • The benefits and consequences of using low-viscosity base oils in lubricant formulations
  • The way forward in this low-viscosity world
Chan Yin Tat, Technologist, INFINEUM

GF6, PC11, CK4 and ACEA 2016: What are the implications of the most recent specifications for Asia?
  • How will these latest industry specifications impact Asia?
  • What is the pace and detail of their implementation?
  • The impact for lubricant quality in the region
Jerry Wang, Technology Manager - China, CHEVRON ORONITE
Panel Discussion

Your opportunity to take part in an inter-active discussion about the key issues raised during the conference and put your questions to a panel of industry experts.



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The ICIS Asian Base Oils and Lubricants conference agenda annually features a cutting edge speaker line-up of senior industry experts from the highest profile companies in the world. 

2016 Speakers include:

Alaistair Chan
Associate Economist
Chan Yin Tat
Amy Claxton
Caroline Huot
Managing Director

View more speakers

Excellent, great overview of the industry
2015 Attendee, Industry Liaison Adviser, Infineum UK Ltd
Very well organised
2015 Attendee, Marketing Manager, Saudi Aramco
Excellent market information
2015 Attendee, VP, Nynas
Well organised with good speakers and networking
2015 Attendee, International Adviser & Author, Gare International
Crisp & targeted, addressing all areas of industry concern
2015 Attendee, Business Development Executive, Infineum
2015 Attendee, Director Global Business, Vega Middle East LLC
Interactive market outlook
2015 Attendee, Engineer, Saudi Aramco
2015 Attendee, Director, MR Speciality Sdn Bhd
Very detailed and useful
2015 Attendee, Managing Director, TLB
A good array of information sharing sessions
2015 Attendee, AGM – QA, Hyrax Oil S/B
Useful for more information about base oil movement
2015 Attendee, Manager, Petronas Lubricant International Sdn Bhd
Very informative
2015 Attendee, Base Oil Development, BAPCO
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